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Flying into a great weekend at Snetterton

Wow that was a wild ride. We were on holiday in Florida and were due to get back Friday so I could test, but unfortunately our plane got cancelled at the last minute. That meant we couldn't do any testing. Therefore we got back into the UK at 6:20AM on Saturday, we collected our bags, got our car and drove up to Snetterton from Heathrow. We got to Snetterton at 8:58AM, 2 minutes before drivers briefing. I then had 1 hour and 30 minutes to get changed and go out for qualifying.


About Qualifying, we we did well, I got my first pole position so that put me in a good place for race 1.

Race 1

We went into Race 1 without too many expectations as I was quite tired but still, I was looking forward to starting my first race from pole.

I got a poor start as I couldn't see the start lights, and set off after my team mate Jack Byrne. Going into the sixth corner Jack lost the back of his car and I didn't need a second invite, so I nipped through into the lead. I put my head down and built up a 3.8 second lead over the chasing pack, and secured the win, my first this year.

Race 2

As I won the first race I started on Pole position again fro Race 2. I got a much better start, but I think the jet lag was catching up with me as I got caught napping into Agostini (one of my favourite corners) and Max Hall took the lead. I then had a battle with Max's team mate Harry Hickson who nearly got past at the same corner two laps later, but I held on and we went side by side into Hamilton, and as I was on the inside I kept the place. I then started to break away from Harry and catch Max, but the race was cut short so I couldn't get my lead back. So portion 2 for Race 2 which is good,

Race 3

For race three the winner of race 2 draws a ball from 4 to 6 and whatever ball is drawn starts in pole for the last race. This turned out to me my team-mate Jack. I was starting in 5th with my other team-mate Alex Solley in front of me in 3rd. We set off and I had another good start. This race was different from the first two, as there was a lot more physical contact between the cars. The top six swapped positions a lot, and each lapped I crossed the line in a different position. Coming into the last lap I was in fourth, and things were looking good, but at the end of the main straight, another driver accidentally slipped into me which sent me off the track through Nelson corner and I lost 2 places and cross the line in sixth. Max won the race, with Jack in second and Alex in third. A good team result and good points for me.

What a whirlwind weekend, I now need to catch up with my sleep and get on UK time, properly.

I have three weeks until our British Touring Car Round at the fastest circuit in the UK Thruxton. I am looking forward to getting back out and carrying on my form.

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